Please read this manifesto till the end…

The conflict in Ukraine has reminded us of the great vulnerability of the African nationals, especially its students.

At the borders of Ukraine, which they tried to cross, and at the edges of trains leaving the cities in crisis, students from all over Africa were turned away because they were not considered a priority in their flight. 

Faced with the situation in Ukraine, the whole world was indignant, and strongly condemned the discriminatory and undignified treatment of African students. 

This was necessary, but far from sufficient.

For behind each of these African students in Ukraine who are blocked, it is a life project, ambitions and dreams, even the hopes of entire families that are impacted. 

This crisis invites Africans and the diaspora community to draw from our values of Ubuntu and respond to an urgent moral and historical challenge. How do we tap into our deep sense of community to free these young Africans from the stranglehold of the Ukrainian conflict and to guarantee the conditions for a return to a normal life?

Our initiative is one response among others. It is intended to be a stone in an edifice that remains largely unbuilt. One principle guides us. Solidarity.

Our response is grounded in the Ubuntu ethos of
umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” – I am because we are. 

As long as these students are not secure and reassured about their future, we cannot be either. 

But if we join hands together, anything is possible.

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